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Distillation of liquid chemicals

Continuous level measurement in your distillation vessel provides real-time plant information

Distillation of liquid chemicals such as ammonia or alcohols from water creates certain risks when heating the vessel. The right level needs to be maintained at all times. Unstable level of liquid inside the vessel could lead to an inefficient separation process. Low liquid level inside the vessel increases the risk of overheating and if high flammable gases are involved, the risk of an explosion is high. We can help you obtain reliable measurement results to keep your process safe & efficient.

Safety and efficiency

To help you obtain the highest level of safety in your vessel, we offer the most extensive portfolio. Through the use of continuous self-monitoring, our devices continuously check for correct functionality. If a failure occurs, the instrument changes to its safety status (e.g FailSafe mode acc. NE43, status signal NE107).

The proof test can easily be started with an optional operating tool or directly from the control room. This assures permanent monitoring of the subsystem instrument increasing availability and safety of your operating personnel.

Distillation of liquid chemicals – parameters

Measuring points

  • Distillation liquid chemicals, stable level helps you run the most efficient/safe seprating process ©iStockphoto

    Distillation of liquid chemicals, stable level helps you run the most efficient and safe separating process.

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