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Level measurements in storage tanks can fail without warning

So choose process automation which brings you safety and reliability

When it comes to level measurement in your storage tanks, several challenges arise. It is good practice to separate the continuous level measurement and overfill prevention functions into two distinct systems. With outdated and passive devices installed: Do you get an alarm when not working properly? What about buildup on the float switch? When proof-testing, how does your personnel react? Lastly, if no Safety Automated System is installed, how do you cope with reaction time?

Cope with faulty devices without stopping your process

Relying on old devices or technologies can be difficult. The simple fact that they often do not provide self diagnostics means you will only be warned when it is too late. We have dedicated resources with deep knowledge on all aspects of Safety instruments and applications, including API 2350 recommendations.

Our Liquiphant Failsafe installed in a SAS offers

  • Easy integration via the switching unit with a two channel output (safety contacts) and locking function or direct integration into a safety programmable logic controller (PLC)

  • Our Liquiphant Failsafe point level switch provides accurate fluid-level measurement for overfill prevention independent of other gauging systems installed on the tank

  • Proof testing interval of up to 12 years

  • Simplified slave device testing available at the press of a button

  • Permanent self-monitoring/internal redundancy

Static custody transfer - measuring points

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