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The largest offering for biotechnology processes

Monitor critical components of bioprocesses to secure batch release even in challenging conditions

In bioproduction, moving from small scale laboratory research to commercial manufacturing can be challenging. Technology transfer during scale up brings additional complexity due to higher required level of automation and control. Both quality and process parameters need to be monitored and controlled in real-time to reach product quality, compliance and productivity requirements. We work with you to find the best ways to monitor the critical components of your bioprocess.

Keep an eye on your process

Monitoring the right process conditions is of utmost importance when it comes to ensuring consistent batches.

To achieve this, measurement devices are used to control the critical process parameters, making sure that cells are growing and the desired product is made.

Complete instrumentation packages

Select state-of-the-art measurement devices that meet design standards of ASME BPE. Benefit from working with a single supplier that offers a variety of product lines that allows you to select the right technology for you application.

Bioprocess equipment standard

ASME BPE (Bio process equipment) standard summarizes all important engineering aspects to take into consideration for devices used in bioprocesses, such as:

  • Design for cleanability and sterility

  • Material of construction

  • Material joining and welding

For example all plastic and elastomer components are subjected to in-vivo and in-vitro testing according to USP Class VI and documented. Devices internal surface roughness is certified (Ra<0.38µm) and available with electropolishing.

Industry standards compatibility:


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