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Stable inline pH measurement during fermentation

From lab to production, benefit from state-of-the-art pH sensors designed for the Biotech processes

pH is an essential needed parameter to control the environment for proper cell growth. Each cell line has an optimum pH range so that can develop efficiently. From laboratory to large scale production, we support your process efficiency with digital pH measurement loops allowing consistent and reliable measurement, easy handling and calibration of pH sensors in the QA laboratory.

Measurement reliability in bioreactor

Due to the specific process conditions and sterilization phases (SIP) in a fermenter, pH electrodes have to be optimized to prevent pH drift. For example, our proven-in-use Biotech pH sensors use pressurized chambers to prevent diaphragm blockage by proteins and have proven records of robustness for many SIP cycles.

Digital data transmission with Memosens Technology increases measurement reliability and enables highly efficient calibration.

Consistent data through the development life cycle

For extended performance and ease of use in both laboratory and process environments, our experts continuously develop biotechnology proven components available in modular packages. Using the same technology in laboratory and manufacturing process minimizes the risk of variances in product quality. To ensure biocompatibility to USP<87> and no cytotoxicity, sensors must be made of 100% animal-free material.

Improved calibration for analytical sensors

Plug-and-play functionality allows you to calibrate Memosens sensors in ideal laboratory conditions and then quickly plug the sensors back into the manufacturing process.

Memobase Plus and Memolink provide you with easy-to-understand calibration results, traceable calibration documentation and reporting.

  • Time savings

  • Increased sensor life time

  • Optimization of calibration activities

  • Traceability and compliance for quality management

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