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Safe turbidity measurement without any product loss

Turbimax CUS52D inline sensor for drinking and process water

The new Turbimax CUS52D turbidity sensor monitors drinking and process water quality directly in the pipeline. This preserves and measures each drop of water with laboratory accuracy. Self-cleaning functions for unattended operation and smart calibration tools turn the sensor to a convenient and reliable water treatment package.


  • Measuring results like in the lab: Highly accurate and reliable monitoring of your water quality – even at the lowest turbidity.

  • Turbidity measurement without product loss: Hygienic inline measurement preserves each drop of water in the process.

  • Unattended operation: Intelligent design and practical accessories enable sophisticated self-cleaning capabilities and minimize maintenance.

  • Smart verification and calibration: Absolutely safe, liquid-free, without Formazin.

  • Great flexibility, simple handling: One sensor for all measuring points and all installation environments (inline or immersion).

  • Improved process control: Individually adaptable sensor response time.

  • Fast commissioning: Factory calibration and Memosens technology allow plug & play integration into your process.

Measuring results like in the lab

Turbimax CUS52D accurately and reliably (ISO7027) measures turbidity – even in the clearest water. As accuracy is independent of the installation environment, the optical sensor can be applied from inlet to outlet in all water production measuring points. Thus, the inline sensor continuously monitors the water quality with a precision that often even surpasses lab measurements.

Turbidity measurement without product loss

Its hygienic design can be mounted directly into the pipeline. This eliminates the need for costly bypass installations and ensures that water and product losses are a thing of the past, the sensor’s quick reaction time improves control of the treatment process. For quick integration into the process, the CUS52D features Memosens digital technology and factory calibration already on board. Automatic venting of the corresponding Flowfit CUA252 and CUA262 assemblies further simplifies operation.

Unattended operation

Air bubbles and contamination are everyday challenges in turbidity measurement. Not with the CUS52D! Its special surface minimizes the build-up of biofilms and particulates. In addition, with its ability to operate at high pressures (up to 10 bar), air bubbles are suppressed. What’s more, with the optional air bubble trap, even the smaller air bubbles are caught. In particularly persistent cases, the CYR52 ultrasonic cleaning system removes surface contamination without direct product contact.

Smart verification and calibration

Safety, both for employees and processes, is of utmost importance. With this in mind, Endress+Hauser has developed smart solid state references (CUY52) for the Turbimax CUS52D with which the sensor can be verified and calibrated risk-free. As a result, neither employees nor processes come into contact with any harmful liquids e.g. Formazin. The solid state references are ingeniously simple to use and provide reliable and clear results with every turbidity measurement.

  • Turbimax CUS52D ©Endress+Hauser

    Turbimax CUS52D without and with hygienic clamp

  • Flow assembly Flowfit CUA252 with ultrasonic cleaning CYR52 ©Endress+Hauser

    Flow assembly Flowfit CUA252 with ultrasonic cleaning CYR52

  • Flow assembly Flowfit CUA262 ©Endress+Hauser

    Flow assembly Flowfit CUA262

  • Solid state reference CUY52

    Solid state reference CUY52

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