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Reliable level measurement in crystallizer

Minimized maintenance costs with electronic dp Deltabar FMD72 in oleo chemical industry

The electronic dp Deltabar FMD72 system uses proven pressure sensor technology in a new and innovative way.
The customer is one the of largest manufacturers of renewable palm-based oleo chemical products and derivatives in the oleo chemical industry in Malaysia. It produces Fatty Acids and Glycerin using the latest process technology. The customer requested to replace inferior capillary system which caused high total cost of ownership.

Electronic DP Deltabar in crystallizer ©Endress+Hauser


  • Lower the total cost of ownership due to reduced installation time, maintenance, downtime and spare requirements.

  • Cost saving on removal/ reinstallation of complete replacement with only one technician.

  • Easy maintenance with Deltabar FMD72 modular system which can be quickly repaired on the field. Its ease of exchanging individual sensors and cables without replacing the entire system

  • More reliable measurement by eliminating temperature effects in measurements.


To replace an inferior capillary system which has high total cost of ownership due to installation time, maintenance, downtime and spare requirements on old capillary system.

Our solution

Electronic dp Deltabar FMD72 solution with metal cells replaced the inferior capillary system and eliminates issues with ambient temperature effect which could jeopardized the reliability of the measurement or possibility of moisture in impulse tubes.

Process Description

Electronic dp level in crystallizer

Application Data:

  • Range: 0 -4600 mm

  • Medium: Fatty Acid

  • Operating Temp: 15 – 75 °C

  • Operating Pressure: 0 – 1 barg

  • Density: 0.85 kg/l


Electronic dp Deltabar FMD72