Interface level measurement in condensate and mix water

Level measurement to measure the interface measurement between condensate and mix water.

The customer is one of the leading oil & gas company in Malaysia. This application is at one of the oil rig platform located at peninsula Malaysia. This application is to measure the interface level in between condensate and mix water for their Knock Out Drum located at cellar deck.

Interface level measurement in condensate and mix water ©Endress+Hauser


  • Measured the condensation (Top Level) at normal flooded condition which in the bypass chamber. The measurement works well and shows the expected values.


• Interface measurement with emulsion layer.
• Sludge exist from time to time during process.
• Existing FMP41C failed due to suspect medium seeped in and cause false echo which trigger the alarm.


  • The customer satisfy with a stabile and accurate measurement even with emulsion layer.

  • High reliability of measurement and better process control.

  • Easy commissioning and operation.

Instrument Used

Hybrid probe Levelflex FMP55 Sensor Fusion with capacitance and guided radar measuring principle in one device.