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Technology Sharing Day - Food & Beverage and Life Science

We have the solution for each of your doubts. Join us to learn more.

We have all the answers for your doubts. From hygiene regulations and food safety to the basic demands of reliability and uptime, high quality food & beverage producers.

  • Experience it yourself with the hands-on demo ©Endress+Hauser


  • Your concern: Most of my maintenance stocks are laying on the shelf but in critical times the required stock is not available. Our solution: We help you to better manage your plant asset which reduce your OPEX thus increasing your plant availability.

  • Your concern: My raw materials/stocks are not being tracked correctly/up-to-date. It‘s complicated! Our solution: Getting real time measured & consistent displayed stock values helps make transparent business decisions based on facts.

  • Your concern: I wanna have a peace of mind of not having overspill/pump running dry. Our solution: Technology has changed and there are safer, more efficient and reliable limit switches available today.

  • Your concern: How can I help to reduce energy cost which has impact on my company’s bottom line? Our solution: Energy awareness allows you to monitor, manage and optimize energy consumption, thus helps reducing overall energy cost and downtime.

  • Your concern: How can I treat processing wastewater responsibly? Our solution: Learn how we can help your plant facility comply with environmental regulations and to optimize energy consumption at the same time.

  • Your concern:I try to find the balance between maintaining clean equipment without losing excessive production time?Our solution:We offer accurate measurement that helps to reduce waste & save energy while minimizing the downtime needed for cleaning.

  • Your concern: I am looking for the ways to reduce product wastage due to off spec product. Our solution: Meet global hygiene regulations with Heartbeat Technology to increase safety. Inline measurement helps to reduce production downtime.


  • Learn and get hands-on experience for the typical applications in food & beverage and life science.

Who should attend?

  • Process, plant, factory, maintenance, instrumentation & control managers, technical engineers and technicians.


  • Presentation

  • Live Demo