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The vortex revolution for steam, gas and liquid

Prowirl 200 - the new generation of vortex flowmeters from Endress+Hauser

Prowirl 200 - the new generation of vortex flowmeters from Endress+Hauser - combines innovative sensors proven in real-world applications with a uniform two-wire concept for flow and level. The world's first alarm function for detecting wet steam directly in the pipe provides unique opportunities for process control. As a multi-variable vortex flowmeter, the Prowirl 200 also ensures safe operation and efficient energy management around the clock.


  • Tried-and-tested maintenance-free sensors: installed in over 300000 applications worldwide

  • Best long-term stability thanks to lifetime calibration factor

  • High process reliability: devices developed completely to IEC 61508 for SIL 2/3

  • Efficient steam plant operation thanks to the only wet steam detection of its kind in the world

  • Accurate calculation of heat and energy flows using a multivariable measuring concept

  • Traceable measurement results due to accredited calibration facilities: SAS (Switzerland), A2LA (USA) and CNAS (China)

Vortex flowmeter for gas, steam, or liquid

The Prowirl 200 contains the results of 30 years of innovation and experience measuring a vast assortment of fluids, such as steam (wet, saturated, and superheated), compressed gases (air, natural gas), nitrogen, liquefied gases (nitrogen, oxygen, petroleum), flue gas, carbon dioxide, demineralized water, solvents, heat transfer oils, boiler feedwater and condensate.

The design

The robust design of the device also guarantees reliable and highly accurate measurement at process temperatures between -200 to 400 °C (-328 to +752 °F) and pressures up to 250 bar (3625 psi).

Two-wire technology at Endress+Hauser

Combining the benefits of the vortex flow measuring principle with efficient two-wire technology no longer requires compromises. Prowirl 200 enables seamless integration into existing plant systems along with tried-and-tested sensors:

  • High operational safety in Ex areas due to intrinsically safe design (Ex ia)

  • Reduced costs for installation and wiring

  • Seamless system integration into existing infrastructures

  • Common installation practice

Proline Prowirl F 200 ©Endress+Hauser
Proline Prowirl D 200 ©Endress+Hauser
Proline Prowirl O 200 ©Endress+Hauser
Proline Prowirl O 200 ©Endress+Hauser