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Successful tank farm and terminal management

Our instrumentation and software solutions for your success

Our new tank gauging instruments measure product levels with highest accuracy and reliability in every tank, and with the technology that fits best. For running your tank farm safe, smooth and successful we offer a lot more: For example safety instrumentation as well as loading metering solutions and a completely centralized inventory management system, which allows complete inventory visibility from sensor up to the business systems.


  • Protection of your assets

  • Compliance with regulations

  • Increase of efficiency and revenues

New tank gauging instrumentation

Be it servo or radar, the new platform of tank gauging instruments offers highest accuracy ratings of up to ±0.4mm (1/32inch), highest safety standards with SIL2/SIL3 capability and fulfills local and international metrology recommendations like NMi, PTB or OIML R85 and API.

Micropilot NMR81, Micropilot NMR84, Proservo NMS80, Proservo NMS81, Proservo NMS83 and Tank Side Monitor NRF81.

Designed according to IEC 61508

All platform instruments ensure accurate and reliable measurement in almost any process and environmental condition. It is the world’s first platform of both typical tank gauging measuring principles designed according to IEC 61508 and certified SIL2/SIL3 capable. This ensures highest safety standards in the tank farm or terminal.

Highest accuracy – guaranteed

The new tank gauging instruments are developed according to international metrology recommendations such as OIML R85 and API MPMS, qualifying the devices to be components of certified systems. Local and country-specific certifications like NMi or PTB are also available to meet the requirements of tank farms or terminals.


Users can select the measuring technology and method of choice, regardless of the application. A variety of open and vendor-specific communication protocols such as Modbus, V1, HART as well as dual Fieldbus output enables integration into any tank gauging system. This opens the way for unlimited future expansion and migration possibilities.

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