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E-direct complements our traditional offering by providing you with a quick, effective way to purchase easy-to-configure, entry-level instrumentation.

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Field Instrument Maintenance

Field Instrument Maintenance

We can help to you to maximize your plant uptime and reduce maintenance costs.

The right maintenance is the key in getting the best from your measuring device. With our maintenance services, we can ensure that your instrument measurement is accurate and within the limits required to produce a quality product.

Let our specialists perform maintenance on your field instrument now. Our commitment is to support and service your process to help you reach your goals, every day!


  • Optimizing instrumentation performance saves you time and money while improving process

  • Traceability offers additional peace of mind

  • A maintenance partner with calibration expertise

  • Avoid costly downtime

Flowmeters verification service

  • Verification of the calibration relative to a simulated flow input, transmitter processing and outputs

  • Check of certain sensor circuits

Analysis devices calibration service

  • Reference solutions directly linked to international standards

  • Metrological competence covering many parameters (e.g. pH, conductivity, turbidity, chlorine, dissolved oxygen, nitrate, etc)

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