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Inventory control in any tank

Inventory monitoring solutions allow you to make transparent business decisions

Typically in manufacturing companies, the stock values are not measured and displayed consistently and in real time. As a result, the treatment of the inventory data is largely manual leading to errors in data as well as labour duplication. This can lead to high stock levels, high inventory costs and decisions that are based on feelings, not on facts. Our solutions for inventory control guarantee simple monitoring and visualization of tanks and silos to solve the typical problems mentioned.

To manage correctly, you have to measure correctly

...with best-fit instrumentation. We offer you comprehensive inventory monitoring that incorporates a full range of measurement devices and open and secure data integration. Apart from level, pressure, temperature, density, flow and safety devices, also system components like PLCs, gateways and telemetry systems belong to the offering. The combination of this hardware with our software allows to keep all the inventories visible - any time, anywhere.

Software solutions for online inventory management

The inventory management software, SupplyCare, allows to display the quantities, trending as well as alert indicators for your stock availabilities. You have the choice between a hosted version on a redundant server infrastructure at Endress+Hauser or an Enterprise version, which is installed on your server infrastructure. SupplyCare allows collaboration and business decisions of different stakeholders within single locations or even within distributed sites.

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Micropilot in Lime Plant ©Endress+Hauser
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