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Maintenance free level measurement at low pressure drum

Easy replacement of mechanical level gauge with guided wave radar

Reliable level measurement in the low pressure drum of a power plant requires high-performance instrumentation.

Level measurement in low pressure drum


  • The steam turbine has been running for more than 2 years with Endress+Hauser guided wave radar Levelflex with problem free. As the results, customer has replaced the remaining units at high pressure drum and condensate tank.

  • Maintenance free with Levelflex guided wave radar which has no moving parts. It can be mounted on existing bypasses without any modification.


3 units of Levelflex FMP54 are installed redundantly in the low pressure drum of the power plant. After replacement of the mechanical level gauges with guided wave radar, has increase the efficiency of the steam turbine by aligning the level measurement in our guided wave radar which is not possible in mechanical level gauges as it is density dependence.

Our Solution

Guided wave radar is an ideal solution for steam applications in power plants. The measurement is independent of fluctuating density caused by temperature changes. It is possible to install the device in existing bypasses or directly in the tank.

Process Description

Levelflex FMP54 mounted on an insulated bypass chamber
• Process temperature 150°C at a pressure of one bar.
• Process measuring range 950mm
• The medium is deionized water


Levelflex FMP54:
• Measures independent from density or bulk weight, conductivity, dielectric constant,
temperature and dust.
• Process temperature range from -200 to 400°C
• Ambient temperature range from -40 to 80°C
• Process pressure range -1 to 400 bar
• Rod probe length up to 1 m