Increase bioprocess productivity with innovative technology

Innovation is a key factor for productivity growth and operational excellence

The life sciences industry faces ongoing challenges with patent expiration of blockbuster drugs. Maintaining profitability, global manufacturing and cost awareness are important. Operational excellence programs are rolled out globally to improve manufacturing processes. The goal is to reduce risk and increase productivity without compromising quality. Innovative solutions are more and more requested in this context.

What you can do

With the development of new technologies, life sciences manufacturing operations benefit from efficient service concepts and increased bioprocess productivity. Before starting the actual manufacturing process, water purification and distribution require attention. A reliable integrated calibration concept is the base for optimized plant availability.

  • Flow measurement

  • Conductivity monitoring

  • Easy and fast calibration

  • Reduce analytical calibration complexity

  • Self-diagnostic and effortless verification

Learn how to increase bioprocess productivity:

Water purification and distribution process ©Endress+Hauser

Water purification and distribution process (overview)

Water purification process PW ©Endress+Hauser

Water purification process (PW)

Water purification process WFI ©Endress+Hauser

Water purification process (WFI)

Water distribution process ©Endress+Hauser

Water distribution process


bioprocess productivity, operational excellence, life sciences

Continually and safely produced water of the highest quality

In order to prevent bio-burden, water has to be kept in motion. The flow speed must not drop below 2 m/sec. For that reason reliable flow measurement is fundamentally important and critical measurement points have to be calibrated. Heartbeat Technology provides reliable self-monitoring and verification and helps to optimize calibration procedures, especially in continuous processes. This directly results in higher plant availability and productivity.

bioprocess productivity, operational excellence, life sciences

Water quality compliant to pharmacopeia

Conductivity is one of the main quality characteristics in the distribution loop for purified water and water for injection. The limits, defined in the pharmacopeias have to be met at all times. Non temperature compensated conductivity measurement in the low range is a basic requirement. The system calibration in the distribution loop is an efficient way to assure regulatory compliance.

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Together with our employees, you can attain operational excellence and increase bioprocess productivity of your water purification and distribution process. With their knowledge and experience, they will help you reach your goals.

  • 70 %

    Less calibration costs with Heartbeat Technology, during 10 years of operation

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    Compliance to industry standards and regulations

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    Endress+Hauser holds more than 7,000 patents and patent applications which help reach productivity growth