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Rainwater overflow tanks & pumping stations under control

Remote monitoring and data recording in a sewage system

Supervising the operation of sewage or wastewater treatment plant is an important instrument that provides information on the quality and efficiency of the plant and the condition of the equipment required due to the pumping stations and stormwater overflow tanks are located decentrally in the compound. All the data have to be recorded on site. In additional to alarm monitoring, this supervision also involves monitoring the stormwater overflow tanks that have to be checked for overflow events.


  • Visualization, control and storage of stormwater overflow tank data with just one device

  • Notification by SMS/e-mail in the event of a malfunction

  • Tele-control

  • OPC server for connecting to DCS

  • Infiltration water recording as per ATV / DWA specifications

  • Rapid overview using alarm statistics

We know your problems

The relevant data at the pumping stations and stormwater overflow tanks have to be recorded on site. Transmitting the data to a DCS, via GPRS for example, is also a key factor. Complete plant control is often assumed for smaller plants. When recording information on stormwater overflow tanks, the overflow start, overflow duration and overflow volume must be reported. For the infiltration water recording, a minimum flow quantity should be determined automatically within a user-definable period.

We have solution for you

The Advanced Graphic Data Manager-Memograph M with the water/waste water software supports you in the operational supervision of the water/waste water channel systems by recording information regarding the quality and economics of the treatment plant. It controls the tanks or pumps, alerts in case of alarms via SMS or e-mail and records all relevant data. The daily, weekly, monthly and yearly highest and lowest values are recorded for each supply channel.

Let Memograph M do the job for you

Measured data recorded with Memograph M for official sewage treatment plant monitoring

  • Integration of Memograph M data via GPRS and OPC servers

  • Infiltration water reporting with user-definable periods

  • Tele-alarm with acknowledgment, instantaneous value access via SMS and remote relay switching

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