Process safety in the chemical industry

Meet the safety goals of your chemical process with reliable measurement solutions

In the chemical industry, process safety is crucial, since hazardous chemicals represent a potential risk to people, environment and plant. While managing these challenges, chemical manufacturers strive to produce high quality products that meet the customers’ specifications. To achieve this, high process efficiency, low energy consumption and a state-of-the-art process safety management are crucial.

Reliable data throughout the entire chemical process

To overcome these challenges and meet your customer’s demands, you need measurement devices and solutions that allow you to control and operate complex chemical processes like extraction, reaction, separation or filtration. With our complete offering you will be able to meet your goals of improving the plant’s availability and safety.

  • Broadest safety measurement portfolio developed according to safety by design and fulfilling hazardous area standards: e.g. ATEX, FM, TIIS

  • Smart sensors with functional safety according to IEC61508, up to SIL 3 for documented proof testing procedures

  • Safety expertise provided by our worldwide network

  • Safety and standards (e.g. ATEX. SIL, WHG) seminars and trainings to help educate your personnel

Improve the safety of your chemical processes

Click through these process maps and learn how we handle your critical parameters.

Process graphic of chemical batch reactor ©Endress+Hauser

Safer flow measurement in the batch reactor with intrinsically safe real two-wire device.

Process graphic of chemical distillation ©Endress+Hauser

Transparent metering in your distillation process to receive reliable data of e.g. level detection of ammonia.

Process graphic of chemical storage ©Endress+Hauser

Cover multiple measuring points with only one temperature assembly using our MultiSens Flex TMS01 & TMS02 (approved by pressure regulations such as PED, ASME VIII).


Real two-wire device, loop powered, in application

Accurate measurement for pure chemical product quality

Transparent metering of critical process parameters helps you achieve your goal of pure product to suit your customer needs. In addition this ensures a safe chemical process and environment. Equipping your batch reactor with our real two-wire devices for flow and level provides you with the accuracy needed, saves cost on cabling and provides additional space on cable trays.

  • Increased safety thanks to intrinsically safe output

  • Comprehensive Ex ia concept with worldwide approvals

  • Avoid plant shutdowns thanks to fast decision support in case of failure (according to NE 107)

  • Simplified proof testing procedure with Heartbeat Technology

Chemical distillation vessel, ammonia

Detect ammonia levels in the separator at all times

Evaporation of liquid chemicals such as ammonia or alcohols from water creates risks when heating the vessel. The right level needs to be maintained at all times. Controlling the level requires highly sophisticated and accurate instrumentation and techniques. Our innovative Levelflex FMP54 provides gas phase compensation – the ideal solution for precise level measurement in high density gas applications.

  • HistoROM data management concept for fast and easy commissioning, maintenance and diagnostics

  • Time and cost savings thanks to easy proof test concept according to SIL/WHG

  • Safe process due to double ceramic coupling and gas tight feed through

  • Real-time data/diagnostics capability thanks to HART protocol

Chemical storage tanks, ammonia

Detect ammonia temperature in the storage tank at all times

Ammonia is a toxic gas when kept at room temperature. That’s why it is best to store it in its liquid state at -33 °C (-27.4 F). Measuring temperature of the fluid and the wall of the tank is important to make sure no “hot-spot” is occurring. A very robust system is needed because accessing the filled tank is impossible. By combining our StrongSens technology with our MultiSens TMS01 we are able to provide you with very robust sensors.

  • Increased safety thanks to complete mapping over the tank (up to 100m lengths) with only one process connection

  • Reduced maintenance costs because of longer sensor life the duration of operation

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A safe chemical process and environment is of the utmost importance in our society. That’s why chemical plant operators carry a special responsibility with regards to safety of their process and for the environment. To fulfill this responsibility they need a trustful partner. We support chemical plant operators as well as engineers and managers by answering any questions about how our instruments and solutions can heighten the safety of their processes and increase efficiency.

  • up to 40%

    downtime reduced using HistoROM data management concept for fast and easy commissioning, maintenance and diagnostics.

  • 50%

    of your time saved thanks to easy proof test concept according to SIL/WHG.

  • up to 30%

    is the amount of measuring points which are covered with only one temperature assembly using our MultiSens Flex TMS01 & TMS02, available according to international pressure regulations (e.g. PED, ASME VIII).